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Taking Notes

When you engage me in your job search preparation, you will benefit from my years of experience as a senior, professional hiring manager. 

I help candidates with:

  • Interview preparation

  • Resume review & edit

  • LinkedIn profile diagnostic & optimization

I give you the "behind the scenes" tips & tricks for :

  • Providing the answers your interviewer is really looking for while still being yourself.

  • Building rapport quickly with your interviewer.

  • Dealing with gaps in your work history.

  • Getting away with insufficient qualifications.

  • Building professional credibility through your online presence.

  • Crafting a resume that leads to interview invites. 

During our meetings you will:​

  • Get all your questions answered.

  • Get a full mock interview - you & me.

  • Get over your interview anxiety.

  • Get practical advice for improvement.

  • Craft answers to challenging questions, tailored specifically to your situation.


I speak to various audiences on a variety of career, job search and women-in-business topics. 

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